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Creel motors
Acs is a fantastic comany to have care for your company or personal computer needs. They, as a team consistently provides superior service.
Pasadena Car Care Center Inc
We can always count on Billy and his crew to get us thru. Fast friendly customer service. Thank you!!
Hannah House
Hannah House has used Affordable Computer Solutions for all of our computer needs. They are very professional and prompt and provide excellent service! You can be guaranteed they will fix any issue with your equipment, all with a smile!!
David Stang
courteous and efficient
So happy I found Affordable Computer Solutions. Friendly reliable and they get the job done.I highly recommend them.
Fran Thompson
Very satisfied with your service. Devin is very professional and courteous - would recommend your company.
Once again the team at Affordable Computer Solutions came to my rescue and a very reasonable price! Thank you to Billy, Tyler, and the rest of the team for keeping my computer in good working order. You are terrific!
Janet Henderson
Very prompt service
Outstanding service! Devin was awesome and not only fixed my problem but got my Microsoft Office back up and running!!
Outstanding service! Devin was awesome and not only fixed my problem but got my Microsoft Outlook back up and running! Thanks so much for coming out the same day!!
Robert Drapeau
Very happy with quick results, very nice peoples
Tina Austin
I have been using ACS now for many years......they always arrive on time, do whatever I ask of them and I do believe they are the best computer co I ever have used............
Tina A
have been using ACS for quite a few years now....they arrive on time, do whatever I ask them to and on the whole are the very best computer company I have ever used......
If you need help with your computer, any program issue, either hardware or software, this is the place to go. You will get friendly service, fast and accurate results, and all at a great price. Small business saviors.
Gwen Quick from Michigan
As usual, the service from ACS was superb. I had many problems and the technician was extremely patient and competent. I am very grateful I have help like this.
Ben Griffith
The use of Remote Access for Virus Removal was outstanding. It was the most convenient way of dealing with the virus by saving time and physical effort to get my desktop PC to the computer doctor.
Thanks for the prompt service.
Ann Adams
You guys are great and appreciated! Aimee Baruch was quick in resolving my computer issues and concerns. I wouldn't know what to do without a great trust worthy group of people such as ACS to assist me with computer problems. I would certainly recommend you to my peers!
Peter Burer
I have known Billy for many years and he did a fantastic job keeping my PC's running, but finally switched to all Apple products, so I haven't had the pleasure working with his firm until recently when I had to do testing that had software that only runs on PC's. He gave me a great deal on a refurbished unit, and Everything works as it should. Thanks again. I can highly recommend ACS.
Tiffany Jones
Prompt service in critical moment!
Thank you Aimee and Marilyn!
Ann Adams
Aimee was very helpful and patient with the computer issues I had. It's great to be able to pick up the phone and have someone get back with you right away. Especially when running a small business!
Thanks again for your quick service. I was up and running within an hour. Couldn't ask for more.
Michael Pleasant
I am a person who likes to have options. So, when my Toshiba laptop display went blank, I took it to ACS to get a repair estimate. Tech Aimee called me back with an “affordable” repair estimate for an inverter board replacement; and, I okayed the repair. As it turned out, though, the screen was bad as well. So, Aimee then gave me a couple of refurbished laptop options to consider. Although I did not choose one of those options, I am grateful to Aimee and ACS for giving me the options. Team ACS, thank you for the options and your professionalism: For “affordable computer solutions”, I am recommending ACS to all my friends.
Richard Dodson
Known Billy for years. I know that he is a man of integrity and of God. He and his staff are excellent and go out of their way to make sure that things are done right and that you are pleased with their service. I highly recommend them.
Melissa Baird
I cannot speak highly enough for this company and the ongoing service provided to me and my husband. We run two companies from our home and Billy and Devin have been super responsive to our computer needs and quickly attended to any issues that have arisen. I would not hesitate to highly recommend ACS!
Jackie Jensen
Our company came to know about Billy Sherlock and ACS through a flier we received. We were having major issues with the IT company we were using. We called Billy in, talked to him for a long time, and it took a couple of months before we called him back. Billy and ACS came in to an ugly computer situation and got us back on track. We've been with ACS since that time and they have provided exemplary customer service. Billy is very gracious with his time when we have questions, concerns, or ideas. We are extremely happy with ACS and highly recommend them every chance we get!
Dana B.
ACS is by far the best computer repair company I have used. They professional, prompt, friendly and patient. And their name says it all AFFORDABLE. I would highly recommend them.
Melissa Baird
Super job, fast response, as always!
Love this company.
David Blake
Great service that is fast and reliable and friendly. Been a client for over 6+years
I have used their service both at work and home for my computer tech needs, good people
Candido Matias
Great Service, professional, courteous and and overall excellent,, Amy and the staff are A+
Brenda Gonzalez
Great place for computer repairs and updates..friendly employees and excellent techs. Service is great...Thank you Affordable Computer Solutions!!!
Leslie Gay
We have so pleased with the service we have received from ACS. They have been prompt to come to our home and business locations. They have been responsive over the telephone with problems we encountered with our old computers and getting us set up on new laptops. They have been able to solve many problems over the phone which has saved all of us time and money.
Tom N Pollak
It is a pleasure doing business with Affordable Computer Solutions. Their highly professional staff take care of all our computer needs. I highly recommend Affordable Computer Solutions.
Regards, Tom Pollak for Florida Lifestyle Vacation Rentals.
Mark Collier
reat job by ACS. My Mac got a nasty virus (they tell me this happens about once a year with their clients, I was the unlucky one) and it took a couple of rounds to clean it up but they did it and all is well now. They were very helpful and I will return to them again for more when when needed.
Lisa Cunningham
You guys always make my transactions really easy. Good price and I feel safe. Thank you very much.
bob Justiana
I am very happy with the service as well as the results.
Janet Holmes
This is BEST customer service I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with.
Susan Benjamin
I appreciated the competent, fast and pleasant service you provided when fixing my desktop computer.
Mike Smith
I am very pleased with the competence and pleasantness you displayed when you recently fixed my desktop computer.
Derek Freed
Quality and quick service. Will use again in the future!
Susan Brook
Thank you for your efficient and effective computer screen update!
Scott Mauder
I had a connection issue at my office, called the ACS, they tried to walk me through it over the phone, I was unsuccessful and Billy came out, found and fixxed the issue quickly and we were back up and running.
I highly recommend these guys for all your computer issues. Fast, fair, honest and (as the name says) Affordable.
Diane Rodriguez
very satisfied and pleased with service of ACS...highly recommend to all...Billy and his techs. have been a great help to a not so savvy technical customer. java not compunctions about using them at any time for any problem.
Prompt, courteous, trustworthy and knowledgeable.
Robert ForRotini
I brought my computer here because I knew it had malware and an overheating issue. They fixed my pc in no time, and it runs better than when I bought it new!
David & Carole
We first met Billy some 3 plus years ago and we were super impressed with his knowledge, honesty, FREE advice and speedy repairs. Several others of our condo association owners are now using Billy & his gang to upgrade & repair our computers with nothing but compliments .
Marcetta Dyer
Billy and his team are fantastic! They "over deliver and under promise". They provide fast, efficient and quality service and exceed customer's expectations. I would highly recommend this company to everyone. Thank you ACS for providing a great customer experience.
Marcetta Dyer- Broker/Agent Coastal Properties Group International
Shirl Colbert
I have been using this company for three years. I would recommend them to everyone and every company in the area. They are affordable, efficient, fast and don't treat me like an idiot just because I don't know everything about computers. Before them I used an office supply company that not only overcharged me, but I had to keep returning the computer for the same problem within days (sometimes hours) after finally getting it home.
Anthony L Utegaard
Many of you understand me well enough to know I have almost unrealistic and impossibly-high expectations for any companies I hire. I almost NEVER give a formal recommendation or endorsement for anyone, lest they embarrass me later, however, I MUST do this for Billy Sherlock and his company - Affordable Computer Solutions. Though he won't admit it, I am probably the most demanding, difficult, and high-maintenance client he will ever have (we pray yet he has surpassed my expectations and has truly revolutionized the IT/Servers/Emails for all of my companies. Within the next few hours he will have untangled an IT nightmare over 20 years in the making, and did it without causing ANY down time. He has been extra careful in protecting and preventing ANY data loss, while keeping everything flowing smoothly, often necessitating long and very late hours (even on weekends). His is the MOST VALUABLE service I have ever paid for. BUSINESS WORLD BE WARNED - Billy has raised the bar and you now have a new, impossibly high standard to meet.
Thank you so much for helping take our company to the next level. We've been manufacturing and distributing internationally for over 5 years now, and had outgrown our current system and hit a "stale-mate". The server network system you custom-built, installed, (and are training us to use from 5+ locations) is a life-saver and will save us countless time and money. Working with your company has been one of our wisest investments -worth every penny tenfold. Thank you so much. I look forward to working with your company for years to come.
James Krueger
I wanted to revert my notebooks to Windows 7 from 8. A major problem as far as scheduling as these are business machines and we need them daily. Billy had them done in a couple of days even with some hardware issues and was able to schedule us in on short notice. And then even re-installed some of the more important business software so my machines were ready to go when I hit the office.
I wanted to revert my notebooks to Windows 7 from 8. A major problem as far as scheduling as these are business machines and we need them daily. Billy had them done in a couple of days even with some hardware issues and was able to schedule us in on short notice. And then even re-installed some of the more important business software so my machines were ready to go when I hit the office.
Billy and his team are amazing. They did a lot of work on my wacky machine and made it work like new. ACS always goes above and beyond for me and continues to remain patient and courteous. The turn around time was GREAT and I really appreciate them for explaining things to me so I don't continue to break my machine.
Dominick DeVivo
Billy and the team at ASC have been a life saver. Both of my computers at my Tryco Metal Recycling facility have been severely infected and through Billy and his staff's hard work and knowledge of computers the have saved me at a very reasonable cost and in a really quick amount of time. Thank you for your outstanding service. Praise God for Billy and the Staff at VERY Affordable Computer Solutions.
Dominick DeVivo
Billy and his staff have been a blessing to my company. ACS has taken care of all our IT issues in a very professional manner. I recommend the ACS team to everyone that is having any IT issues. I praise God for putting Bill Sherlock and the ASC team in our life. Thank you all at ACS.
Desiree Chamberlin
just had them come to my business. Very professional, quick and I would highly recommend them. Devon was awesome and Billy is the best!
Frank Rigiero
It's nice to see such a young man act so professional. He's patient and repairs are fast and correct the first time. Out standing Bill. Thank you for all your help
Kim Kazar
Fast & friendly service with good results. I won't hesitate to call again.
I thank you so much, smarter than Quickbooks support. Billy stayed with me until we got it figured out. Also he set up my computer and got it up and running like a charm. Thank you Billy
I was amazed by the way they helped a family in need. Very courteous and quick in-home service. Thank you.
Bob Justiana
Fast,Courtious, Effective, what more can you say. Thanks, Billy & Devin
Janet Holmesuest
I endured a problem over the weekend, but survived! Devon came quickly the following business day and within an hour or so, I was up and running! I am so blessed to have this company available to help me and am forever grateful for their knowledge and quick response!
Bob Justiana
Affordable Computer Solutions is a very prompt and courteous company. They take the time to see that all of your problems are taken care of . They are quick and thorough.
Laura Bush
Thank You Billy for rendering such outstanding and excellent services so quickly! Whatever the issue may be...computer, camera, internet etc. you always take the time for our needs with 5 star knowledgeable experience! We appreciate your honest integrity and will be a loyal customer always!
Laura Bush
Phil HendersonGuest
Very knowledgeable and creative. So much so that my wife's realestate company has hired Affordable to handle all their offices.
Jacqueline Jensen
We were not happy at all with the "professionals" providing our computer support. We finally called ACS to come in, take a look, and give us their opinion. They confirmed our suspicions that our "professionals" had no idea what they were doing. In the first hour, Billy had fixed a computer problem that the other guys had worked on for months! We fired the other guys and hired Billy on the spot. He absolutely knows what he's doing -- he's fair, honest, prompt, pleasant. We would highly recommend him to anyone.
The service was very courteous and professional.
Salvatore Nascarella
Honest, fast, extremely knowledgeable, professional service always. Always keeps you informed as to what problems you have or ones that may occur. It is a pleasure to know that you can rely on a superior level of technical support. Billy is the best.

Salvatore Nascarella
Ruth Bragman
Thanks again for your quick and excellent service. Everything was great and it is a pleasure working with you. Thanks again Billy for your service. Ruth
Carole A. McClory
After reading all the testimonials, what more can you add to what has already been written. It is all very true and without Billy and his help, we computer people could not exist.He is efficient and worthy of all compliments paid to him and the people who work for him. STAY with him forever as he is THE BEST !!!
Maryann Jackson
I recently had Billy, at Affordable Computer Solutions, look at my laptop to get it set up for use. It didn't look right to me, but I didn't know what was wrong nor how to fix it. Billy did his magic and now I feel like I have a brand new computer.
Billy is alway pleasant, courteous, professional and goes out of his way to be of service.
He certainly has my recommendation. You don't have to call "Angies List" to get this professional to take care of your computer needs.

Maryann Jackson
Fran Thompson
Devin did a great job of getting rid of my many virus problems. He was courteous and very professional. Thank you so much for your prompt service - will certainly recommend ACS to all my friends and family
T McGee
When issues arose a quick resolution was the response!
Kathy Stafford
Words that come to mind without deep thought: Integrity, knowledgeable, personable.
How would I rate on scale of 1 to 10....... Unquestionably 10.

Thank you so much.

Once again, good service and thanks for your prompt visit. Vera
Brian B.
Devin did a great job fixing our problem and installing our new anti-virus. He was a personable young man and customer service oriented.

Brian C Barrett
Brenda Richards
I have used Billy and Affordable Computer Solutions several times during the past 3 years and have always been satisfied with the quick response, knowledge and efficiency in setting up or repairing my computers. Billy and his staff always take the time to answer all of my questions and make sure that I'm satisfied. I highly recommend him to anyone who has any computer questions!!!
Carol Sackman
I can always count on Affordable Computer Solutions - Billy has dealt with any issues I had in an efficient, pleasant way- He's always on time- & knows exactly what I need done & how to do it- I am not a computer person, so having someone like this available to me is a life saver!
Vera Romano
My thanks go out to Billy. He was very prompt, professional and did a great job! Thnks again. Vera Romano
Douglas Wm. Elliott, CFP(R)
Our firm manages many millions of dollars for our client's accounts. It is imperative that we stay operational during business hours. Billy keeps us going no matter what. He is not our first, but he is certainly our best IT guy.

Doug Elliott
Regina Brown
Thank You, Affordable Computer Solutions! I spend a good part of my day online and if I can't get there it is a problem. You were fast, affordable and efficient. Your office staff was pleasant and precise. I highly recommend Affordable Computer Solutions.
Kimberly Chapman
I received more return than anticipated....very impressed! I absolutely made the best decision to call Billy and would do so again without hesitation. I received outstanding service and response to my computer issues, and the turnaround time was very prompt! I can't thank you enough, but I sure will recommend you to anyone that mentions they are having issues with their computer(s).

Kimberly Chapman
Ruth Bragman
You were great - Casper was here on time (even early) and repaired the computer quickly and successfully. We were up and running without really lossing any time.

Thanks again and we will use again (hopefully not too soon :))

Carole McClory
Good Job.!!!!!
Jane Otte for Berkley Badger
Billy is the best! He has helped to get our network up, and our computers connected. We are a small office, without a "Tekkie", but who needs one when Billy Sherlock is only a phone call away! Thanks Affordable Computer for being there for us.
Lowes Painting
We appreciated the fast response and knowledgeable staff that assisted us. They were even able to squeeze in some unexpected issues that came up while they were in the office for a different computer. Had what was needed and updated our systems thoroughly in a very timely and courteous manner. A+ service all the way and will definitely call them for all of our computer needs.
Seminole Ritas
I consider Affordable Computer Solutions like a dear "friend". My calls are always answered in a timely manner. I feel very comfortable with Anna who is my first contact and then Billy who is always willing and able to explain in lay terms just what is happening and how it will be fixed! I would not hesitate to recomment this team of fine professionals! Maureen
Ben Sousa
I have used Affordable Computer Solutions for over 3 years and they have always proven to responsive, reliable and fair. I do not hesitate telling my friends about ACS.

Ben S.
Ray Mcnally
What I like about ACS is I receive fast, friendly, knowledgeable, and “affordable” service. When new equipment is installed it is guaranteed by ACS.
Peter Burer
we have been very pleased with the response, and technical know-how, of Billy at ACS. As a fellow Christian, I knew I could count on him, eventhough I had just picked him out of the lunch crowd at Paneras when I saw his logo-ed truck park nearby and was in need of computer assistance. I would recommend him to anyone who needs professional help in solving their computer problems.

Best Regards,
Peter Burer
Seaspension Technologies, Inc.
Mark Dennis
I was in a bind, time wise as I was leaving the country, .
My laptop was picked up on time, and brought back early
it runs better than I imagined and the issue I needed resolved was better than satisfactory
I highly recommend ACS, and the after sale service is just that, "good old fashion service"
Thanks once again for helping me out.
Mark Dennis
Thomas N Pollak, Sr.
It is a pleasure doing business with Billy Sherlock and the staff at ACS. We have been utilizing their services for over an year and have had no major outages. Service is prompt and technical problems are explained in lay terms. Phones are always answered with a smile. I can highly recommend them.

Thomas N Pollak, Sr.│Florida Lifestyle Vacation Rentals, Inc.
Paul Stork
Billy is definitely my go to man. If I ever have PC, network problems or want new PC built, the first person I call is Billy. He is prompt, courteous and knows what he is doing, definitely a professional.

Several weeks ago I had to install a new hard disk. Billy had the disk in, installed, formatted and ready for use in about 30 mins. It would have taken me hours to do the same task. Instead, for a very reasonable fee, I could leverage Billy's time and expertise so that I could get back to work on what I do best (that does not include messing around with hardware issues).

I highly recommend Affordable Computer Systems. You won't be sorry.

Paul Stork
CEO Arrow Solutions, Inc.
Pattin Properties Inc
I really want to thank you all at Affordable Computer Solutions. As a business owner, I really appreciate your timely response to my calls, your friendly, courteous and professional attitude. Thanks for all you have done.
June Bush
We have worked with ACS almost from their beginning, and have always been extremely happy with their level of service. My present computer and systems were built especially for my current needs. In addition, we have 3 laptops that ACS also services. Whenever we have a problem with any of our equipment, Billy takes care of our computers immediately. I would not think of using anyone else for any of our computers!

June Bush, Sr. Acct. Exec., Nat'l Accts
Focus Direct, LLC.
Tami Harrison
I have been using Affordable Computer Solutions since I took over my company back in December. I have found Billy and his team to be fast, affordable and reliable. They have responded to my every need quickly and promptly no matter how major or minor. Billy and his team are absolutely the best and friendliest people around. Thank you so much for everything and god bless. Good luck.

Tami Harrison
David Howell
When it came time to pick a firm to work on my computer system after moving to Florida, I was nervous. The “right” firm must have not only a high level of professionalism and experience, they must also be totally trustworthy with my data. Affordable Computer Solutions qualifies easily on both of these counts. I am well pleased with my choice! David W. Howell, CLU, ChFC

Take Care,
David Howell
Jeff Larsen
In July 2015 Our computer was about 50% non-operating. Mr. Sherlock diagnosed, cleaned, fixed and set it so it works great again. Very patient and friendly service. Will recommend him to my friends.


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